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Tax Return Preparation

• U.S. Estate (and Generation-Skipping) Tax Return (Form 706)

• PA Inheritance Tax Return (Form PA-1500)

• U.S. Fiduciary Income Tax Return (Form 1041)

• PA Fiduciary Income Tax Return (Form PA-41)

• U.S. Individual Income Tax Return (Form 1040)

• PA Individual Income Tax Return (Form PA-40)

• U.S. Gift Tax Return (Form 709)

• Lackner 6-in-1 Estate Administration Software

• Track Basis

• Determine Fiscal Year

Estate/Trust Administration

• Probate Documents

• Notices of Estate Administration

• Certification of Notice

• Disclaimers

• Estate Advertisements

• Maintain Estate/Trust Checking Accounts

• Date of Death and Alternate Valuations

• Asset Transfers and/or Distributions

• Inventory

• Account (Formal and Informal)

• Petitions for Adjudication

• Releases

• Satisfactions of Award

• Training

• Track Deadlines

• Lackner 6-in-1 Estate Administration Software

• Time Matters 11

• Track Basis

• Determine Fiscal Year

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  • Paralegal Assist is a team of experienced and dedicated paralegals committed to providing quality estate and trust administration and fiduciary accounting services to attorneys in Pennsylvania.
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